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By Train

From Delhi

Gatimaan Express (Train No. 12050/12049)
Departure Arrival
Hazrat Nizamuddin 08:10 Hrs Jhansi 12:35 Hrs
Jhansi 15:05 Hrs Hazrat Nizamuddin 19:30 Hrs
Offers AC Chair Car and Executive Chair Car
(serves breakfast and evening snack)

Bhopal Shatabdi (Train No. 12002/12001)
Departure Arrival
New Delhi 06:00 Hrs Jhansi 10:43 Hrs
Jhansi 18:32 Hrs New Delhi 23:30 Hrs
Offers AC Chair Car and Executive Chair Car
(serves breakfast and dinner)

Punjab Mail (Train No. 12138/12137)
Departure Arrival
New Delhi 04:45 Hrs Jhansi 12:25 Hrs
Jhansi 14:20 Hrs New Delhi 21:15 Hrs
Offers AC Chair Car and executive Chair Car
(serves breakfast and dinner)

Mangla Lakshadweep Express (Train No. 12618/12617)
Departure Arrival
New Delhi (Nizamuddin) 09:20 Hrs Jhansi 15:30 Hrs
Jhansi 06:45 Hrs New Delhi (Nizamuddin) 13:15 Hrs
Offers 2A, 3A and Sleeper

From Mumbai:

Punjab Mail (Train No. 12137/12138)
Departure Arrival
Mumbai CST 19:40 Hrs Jhansi 14:20 Hrs
Jhansi 12:25 Hrs Mumbai CST 07:35 Hrs
Offers 1A, 2A, 3A and Sleeper
Dadar Amritsar Express (Train No. 11057/11058)
Departure Arrival
Dadar 23:45 Hrs Jhansi 20:30 Hrs
Jhansi 04:50 Hrs Dadar 04:05 Hrs
Offers 2A, 3A and Sleeper

There are a number of other trains from Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of the country.

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By Road

From Delhi: Approximately 418km

Delhi - Agra 200 km
Agra - Gwalior 100 km
Gwalior - Jhansi 100 km
Jhansi - Orchha 18 km
By Air

Delhi 10:30 Khajuraho 14:45

Khajuraho 15:20 Delhi 18:05

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